About Ashrams

The word “Bhakti” means devotion, divine love.

What is an Ashram?

An Ashram is a Spiritual Sanctuary, a place where people share together and are dedicated to different spiritual practices such as Meditation, Yoga, Vedic Studies, etc. The Ashram symbolizes the opportunity to disconnect ourselves from the noisy and turbulent mundane life and to connect with the real purpose of the Soul.

It is a place of spiritual nourishment, peace and Love.

What to expect?

While in essence every Ashram exists for the same purpose; to find ourselves and our relationship with The Divine. They all have different ways of manifesting and sharing that vision. Some of them might have more strict rules than others and they may differ in the specific practices they are dedicated to.

In our Ashrams we found the balance between the traditional and the modern, respecting the foundations of the Indian Ashrams but at the same time creating a welcoming atmosphere for the Western audience, because we all deserve the chance to live and experience an authentic yogic lifestyle.

Inside Our Ashrams

In the Bhakti Yoga School we focus on manifesting the loving attributes of Bhakti Yoga, the Devotional Path.

We are compromised to our own spiritual practices so we can share them in the most pure and loving way. Manifesting that ideal not only through the people who live and keep the Ashrams alive, but also in the infrastructure designed to help you immerse in the experience.

Our daily practices include Kirtan (devotional music and spiritual Mantra chantings), reading and study of the Vedic Philosophy books, physical Yoga practices, Meditation and Pranayama (breathing techniques) and conscious vegetarian cooking.

Our Ashrams

Our Ashram in Cusco Perú

Enjoy our retreats in the Sacred Valley of Cusco

Our Ashram in Cali Colombia

Enjoy our Yogendra EcoAshram retreats

Can anybody visit the Ashram?

Yes! Anybody can visit the Ashrams, be it as a Guest or as a Volunteer. We are open to any person who wants to experience the yogic lifestyle, in conection with nature and among like-minded people; beyond religions and personal philosophies.

But as in many Spiritual Sanctuaries we must follow some regulations, so inside our Ashrams limits meat eating (bird, fish and egg included), stimulants or intoxicants use, smoking and alcohol are strictly forbidden!

If you want to visit, please contact us!


+57 350 8665330



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The School

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Our Teachers

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Our Philosophy

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<It reminds us that the highest goal in life is love>
“Loving Service through Yoga”