Volunteer Program

We invite you to join our international yoga community at our Eco Yoga Ashrams in Cali, Colombia and Cusco, Peru!
EcoYoga Ashram, Valle Sagrado – Cuzco, Peru
Diciembre 1-21, 2021

Why be a Volunteer?

There are many reasons to motivate yourself to Volunteer. At Bhakti Yoga School we have Ashrams (spiritual centers) where you will have the opportunity to give and contribute from the heart within a yogic context from the temples of Indian mysticism.

Becoming a Volunteer is a personal decision. Within Yoga it is said that serving others is one of the highest actions that a Soul can perform and that it can also benefit you in many other ways:

  • You will create ties with a community that is conscious and dedicated to serving others.
  • You will put your abilities and creativity to the test, you will always find new ways to serve.
  • You will learn new skills that will be useful when you return home or continue your journey.
  • You will have the opportunity to share your knowledge with other people and help them in their own way.
  • You will interact with people from other parts of the world, learning about other customs and life experiences.
  • You will be an agent of change. A great mountain is made of small grains of sand, your contribution is very valuable!
  • Your best values and qualities will come out, making you feel connected with yourself and with the people around you.

What are the tasks?

During your stay as a volunteer, your tasks will include cooking or assisting in the kitchen, cleaning the spaces, organic gardening, helping us with the general maintenance of the Ashram, computer work, among many others.

There is also the possibility of teaching Languages, Art, Yoga or any other skill or knowledge you have. We are open to knowing your skills and what you are inspired to share with us!

What are the benefits?

Volunteers are invited to participate in the Morning Program: Mantra Meditation, Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Kirtan (devotional chants). You can also participate in the Yoga Class in the afternoons.

The cost of the Volunteer Program also includes your accommodation (in shared rooms) and 3 vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). In addition, you will also have short periods of time to connect with a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere that you can use to carry out other personal activities; the average daily service time is 4 to 5 hours.


During your stay at the Yogendra Center we ask that you follow the following rules to maintain harmony and promote growth and transformation.

Respect the peaceful atmosphere of the Center by choosing positive actions, words and attitudes.

All Ashram participants agree to be punctual in the morning for the meditation and yoga program.

This is a 100% alcohol, cigarette and drug free space. We encourage and invite you not to drink, smoke, drink coffee or use drugs during your stay so that you can get the most out of your stay here.

Éste es un hogar lacto-vegetariano. Te pedimos que no consumas productos animales (excepto productos lácteos) mientras estas en las instalaciones. Nada de carne o huevo en la propiedad.

Te pedimos que trates este espacio como un templo y mantengas los espacios públicos y tu cuarto limpios. Esto incluye el tipo y volumen de tu música y mantener tus objetos personales fuera de los espacios públicos.

We practice noble silence between 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

We close the main gate of the Ashram at 8:30pm

If you are participating in an Ashram program you can decide to go out in the afternoons or evenings. However we recommend you to focus on the yoga course and to follow the vegetarian, caffeine and drug free lifestyle even outside the Ashram.

If you have any difficulty with someone from the center (volunteer, student or teacher) or a personal problem, please talk to someone from the team as soon as the problem arises. Difficulties between people in a group are usually cases of misunderstanding or lack of communication and can be easily resolved.

Price of volunteering in the ashram of Cali Colombia

Please check with the Yogendra team if you are interested in long-term volunteer positions. Homestay accommodations and Spanish classes are also available.


Three vegetarian meals

Yoga and Meditation Class

Volunteering: $50,000 pesos/day

Visitor: $75,000 pesos/day

Price of volunteering in the ashram of Cusco Perú

Please check with the Yogendra team if you are interested in long-term volunteer positions. Homestay accommodations and Spanish classes are also available.


Three vegetarian meals

Yoga and Meditation Class

Volunteering: $50,000 pesos/day

Visitor: $75,000 pesos/day

Ashram in Cali Colombia

Ashram in Cusco Perú

I want to be a Volunteer!

This Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity that will allow you to contribute your grain of sand, collaborating in a space dedicated to sharing practices of well-being and spiritual growth.

We will be very happy and grateful to receive you at any of our Ashrams!

Just remember that an Ashram is a spiritual and vegetarian space, so the consumption of meats (including poultry, fish and eggs), stimulants or intoxicants, cigarettes and alcohol within the facilities are strictly prohibited.

Contact us and let's plan your stay!





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