New Delhi - Mysore - Rishikesh - Vrindavan - Taj Mahal

Yoga Teacher Training and Tour in Sacred Sites of India with The Bhakti Yoga School

(100hr RYT Yoga Alliance)

“21 Days of Yoga, Spirituality and Sacred Sites”

Oct 11 – 31, 2022

Join this unforgettable adventure!

Oct 11, 2022

An unforgettable journey, building relationships and memories to inspire yoga practice and life!

This experience can apply for your certifications around 200 hrs or 500 hrs RYT with Yoga Alliance International.
Open to students and teachers of all levels of experience.


October 11

Arrival at New Delhi airport, check in at the hotel at 1:00 PM (1 hour from the airport). * Do not arrive later than 8pm to the hotel *

October 12

Breakfast and orientation. Tour of the most important markets and temples of Delhi.

October 13

Morning departure by plane to Bangalore (2 hours).

October 14-15

Get to know South India with the opportunity to study Iyengar yoga in Prashant Yogashraya and Tour in the holy places of Bangalore.

October 16-17

Mysore Tour, the birthplace of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and the first school of Krishnamacharya. Opportunity to study Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

October 18

Return to New Delhi by plane, overnight in New Delhi.

October 19

Spectacular overland trip to Rishikesh, the capital of Yoga

October 20-25

Yogic retreat in Rishikesh. Tour of holy places, Ayurvedic therapies, visit the caves of ancient yogis and bathe in the waterfalls and in the Ganges river. Yoga and meditation on the white beaches of the Ganges River. Visit the temples of Rishikesh in the afternoons.

October 26

Yoga practice and meditation in the morning, in the afternoon head to Hardiwar, the gates of the Himalayas, to see the ceremony (puja) of the Ganges river.

October 27

Travel by train to Vrindavan. 6hrs

October 28-30

Pilgrimage to the holy places, meet the masters of India, Sunset on the Jamuna river by boat, visit the Taj-Mahal.

October 31

Graduation and Farewell Ceremony. Tour ends at 10am to 3hrs by taxi from New Delhi.

Tour and Retreat Value:

$2,700 USD
Early bird: before June 15 $2,520 usd

PAYMENT METHODS: Cash / Paypal (With Credit Card) or Consignment in the US, Colombia, Peru.

10% discount for students from participating schools.

Total cost without refund: Approx. 250usd.

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Please confirm your place before August 5 to be able to make accommodation and transportation reservations.

Your space is reserved with a deposit of 450usd

* For any cancellation of the tour, everything paid is returned with the acceptance of the national air tickets, and the hotel reservation for the first nights and the train.

Total cost without refund: Approx. 250usd.

What includes?



Domestic flights


Yoga Classes

Meditation Classes

Theory classes

21 days of adventure

Accompaniment in the process of obtaining the tourist visa of India

It is also included your accompaniment in the process of obtaining the tourist visa of India, the purchase of your tickets to India, and the organization of your arrival and departure from India.

It does not include your international tickets or transportation from the airport to the hotel where we started the tour on the first day and from the hotel on the last day of the tour, to the airport. approx 50usd total.

Does not include your Ayurvedic therapy in Rishikesh (optional). Between 10-75usd


This 21-day experience applies for 100hrs towards your 200hrs or 500hrs RYT certifications with Yoga Alliance International.


Open to students and teachers of all levels of experience.

Who runs the tour?

Chaitanya Nitai Das (USA - Perú)

Syam Vallabhi DD (USA)


Juan José Ballesty, 2020
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"I would say that the teaching staff has been one of the best experiences of my life, but in order not to be an understatement I prefer to say about the best times of my life. A space where learning, self-knowledge and connection abound, where it causes us to stay a lifetime. More Beyond the theory and techniques, I feel prepared to nurture this seed of love, hope and devotion that they left inside me.With much to say and only one thing to add, thank you very much Bhakti Yoga School, I always carry you in my heart! "
Ana Maria Rey Alarcón, 2017, Contadora.
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"The teaching staff has been for me the best investment I have made in my life, it has not only given me tools and knowledge to teach yoga, but it has also made a real transformation from within, I see life with different eyes, the eyes of love and compassion and although there is a long way to go for me, I recommend this course because without a doubt whoever does it ends up being a better person. Thank you Bhakti Yoga School ".

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