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"Everything is perfect. Even the so called 'good' and 'bad' have the intention of teaching us something.”

“Loving Service through Yoga”

Our Philosophy

Supreme Consciousness is all expansive and vibrating at a higher frequency. Its essence is that of bliss (ananda), love (prema), beauty (sundara) and peace (shanti). It is also the source of all sweetness (rasa). The soul is one very small particle that expands from that Supreme Consciousness. We, as souls, are given free will to either remain conscious of our eternal connection to the Supreme and thus participate in this loving play or, to forget that we are soul and create a lifelong drama based on our miss-identity with the material form (the body).

The world is subjective.

By acting independently from the Absolute Harmony, we become conditioned by time, space and the laws of karma.

Our Intention

When practicing Yoga we have a variety of objectives stemming from the physical, personal, emotional and spiritual. One of the most important objectives in our practice of Yoga is to align ourselves with the Supreme Divinity: to cooperate and to be part of the Universal order. Our Yoga practice is based on the idea that we are eternal spiritual beings within this physical/emotional body.

This body is an energetic vibration of our consciousness and serves as an instrument through which the eternal being can awake to his true identity using this amazing gift of free will. This body is considered a divine gift with which we have the opportunity to become enlightened and awaken our internal divinity, our true Self, and serve the whole. With this gift we can cooperate with universal order to make our life and that of others more beautiful and satisfactory. This is why we do not deny nor reject this body, rather we honor it as a temple where the soul and the supersoul reside.

Our Beliefs

Beauty – When we look at others we honor and recognize an inherent divine beauty and goodness in all. Even if we do not see that goodness, we see the potential for that goodness. The Vedas speak of this age as the age of Kali Yuga: the cloudy age where virtues are put aside for material gain and self gratification. Thus, many experience this world as horrible. Even while living in this age, however, one can still elevate their consciousness and with a higher consciousness one is no longer affected in the same way by the trials of this age. If you choose to close your heart and mind to the beauty of life you can drive yourself to suffering. Many people are suffering and you can bring some light into the heart of others and share your love with them.

Compassion – Buddha said that we all suffer. This suffering arises due to our separation and lack of understanding of our true nature. Our teachers said that it is when we are not aligned with the natural order of things that we create pain and struggle. Actually, pain is a sign that we are moving against the natural order. Instead of fighting the pain or considering it to be negative, we should try to align with the whole. The more we align ourselves, the more freedom we can experience. Real compassion is to help others be aware of their true nature and the divine gift we all possess.

Empowerment – It is easy to criticize others, yet to be able to uplift them is a great virtue. In rajanic philosophy it is said that in essence we are an amazing manifestation of the supreme, divine consciousness. This divine consciousness is one of sat(eternity), cit (consciousness) and bliss (ananda). Inherent within also lies love (prema) and peace (shanti). As humans we possess these same qualities. If we see these qualities in each person we automatically feel great respect and honor to be in their presence. If people can feel that from us, they will naturally raise their consciousness.

Our Vision

From a higher point of view, everything is perfect. Even the so called good and bad have the intention of teaching us something. The material universe, as an expansion of the Supreme Spirit, is complete and perfect in its essence. However, in our unenlightened state, we see it as being imperfect in many ways. We may even consider it to be negative because of its temporary and illusory nature. Nevertheless, the wise and illuminated beings have indicated to us that behind this material manifestation there is a superior order and that everything is working in harmony with a universal plan. In our practice of Yoga, we look to open and align ourselves with the natural and Divine order, understanding and trusting that there is a higher force that is directing everything in an amazing, harmonizing and perfect way.

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