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Welcome to the Bhakti Yoga School!

“Loving Service through Yoga”

Our Ashrams

Our Ashram in Cusco Perú

Enjoy our retreats in the Mystical Sacred Valley of Cusco

Our Ashram in Cali Colombia

Join us in our Tropical Yogendra
EcoYoga Ashram

International Yoga Teacher Trainings

We’d be happy for you to join us
in the Sacred Valley of Cusco – Peru,
  Tropical Cali – Colombia or
Discovering with us the roots of Yoga in India.

Teacher Training 200hr RYT Living Yoga Retreat

This 21 Day retreat is a transformative experience in which you will explore a healthy yogic lifestyle and practice, as you achieve a better understanding of yourself and learn to integrate your yoga practice into your daily life as well as to share this teaching with others.

India Teacher Training and Tour

A 21-day Tour and Yoga Training in
the Sacred Land of Yoga.

Join an international group of students
in this journey where we will explore
Sacred India and the ancient roots of Yoga.

The School

Who we are. Our History, Our Lineage.

Our Teachers

Meet the people who lovingly share our teachings and values around the world.

Our Philosophy

Beliefs, Values & Vision. The light that shines inside us is what we share to others.

Do you like what you see?

Join an International Community of Teachers and Students from all over the World!

Yoga is Connection and Community.

Finding Our Place in the World

We are honored to offer you the chance to connect
with yourself and many other beautiful
souls from all around the world.

We lovingly dedicate ourselves to these Yoga Oasis’, inspired by our lineage of teachers and their Ashrams in India, as an opportunity to
to live and explore the meaning of Yoga.

At Bhakti Yoga School we are blessed with the
opportunity of creating and sharing these
Ashrams (Yogic Temples)  with students looking to serve others through deepening inside themselves in the yoguic path of UNION.


Visit us soon!
“Life is about the Connections we make…”