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Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

200hrs RYT Certification – Yoga Alliance

Join us in one of our 21 Day Yoga Ashram Retreats in the Sacred Valley of Cusco – Perú, in the tropical mountains of Cali – Colombia or Discovering the Roots of Yoga in Mystical India.

EcoYoga Ashram, Valle Sagrado – Cuzco, Peru
Diciembre 1-21, 2021

200hrs RYT Certification - Yoga Alliance

Welcome to our transformative International Yoga Teacher Training with Enfasis in Yoga for Health Wellbeing. This Yoga Retreat in our Eco-Yoga Ashram in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru is a self-transformational experience in which you will achieve a better understanding of yourself through daily yogic living and practice. Our goal is to help you integrate your practice in a transformative setting so that you can find happiness within yourself and share these healing practices with others.

Join us in one the few Yoga Ashrams that you find outside of India which maintains the Vedic traditions and teacher student lineage. Inspired by Mystical India and daily programs of Kirtan (Mantra Musical Meditation) and Vedic Philosophy taught by our Teacher who has studied and practiced for over 30 years.

This experience of going inward for 21 days will lead you to a greater understanding of yourself, your talents and how to serve fully and happily in the world!

“Breathe, Practice, Understand.”

About the Course:

Beyond the technical and instructional aspects of yoga, you will have the opportunity to reconnect with yourself and your path. This intensive, retreat style, course will help you develop a deep sense of honor and respect for yourself and others, strengthening your ability to make life more beautiful and meaningful every day. “
Recommended for Yoga practitioners and teachers or anyone who feels the call to deepen and understand the yogic path.

General information:

Estimated time

21 day retreat

Prior Requirements

No prior knowledge or a certain level of physical practice is required before participating in the course.


Sacred Valley, 40 mins from Cusco and 20 mins from Pisac, Perú
Farrollones Mountains, 15 mins in car from the San Antonio Neighborhood in Cali, Colombia


During the training and within the Ashram we recommend following a vegetarian diet, no alcohol, or smoking.


it is recommended at least a basic level for the best development of the student during the duration of the training.

Yoga Style

Our style of yoga comes from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and is influenced by the alignment principles of Anusara Yoga. We use the fundamentals of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga to create the flow and dynamics we need to purify our body, mind and soul. We combine this with the Anusara Yoga “Principles of Alignment” to give our yoga practice the refinement and beauty it needs to truly express the heart and better understand our true selves


Our Course (YTTC) is divided into three parts: In the first cycle we will concentrate on the fundamentals of yoga practice, which is the philosophical aspect as well as the adjustments that will help us to refine our practice. The second part is about applying the alignment techniques that we learned during the first cycle and developing our practice. The third part is about integrating all this into the practice and also developing a teaching methodology and settings. Students begin to integrate teaching with their personal practice. And so, personal practice and teaching will become more meaningful and relevant to the understanding of yoga.

Daily Schedule

This is a 200 hour course

After successfully completing the course you will receive a Certification from the Bhakti Yoga School and join an international community of over 1,000 teachers graduated from the BYS!
You will also be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance, an internationally recognized certification.

What's included?


The price of the Teacher Training includes a comfortable and ecological shared room during the course, as well as your stay the evening before the training begins.

Vegetarian Gourmet Food

Enjoy gourmet food from farm- to- table, most of it even comes from our own organic garden.


Refreshments during the course as you will be hungry with so much physical and mental transformation!

PAYMENT METHODS: Cash / Paypal (With Credit Card)/Revolut or Transfer in the US, Colombia, Peru.

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“The two hundred hour teacher training with the Bhakti Yoga School is not what you expect, it is more. During my time in the Teacher Training I not only found peace, I found challenge and resolution, I found experimentation and growth; I found what I had been searching for without knowing I was looking for it. The 200hour training is beyond just yoga instruction, it is an introduction into a new way of living, and there’s no better, sweeter, warm and welcoming pair to learn from than Syam and Chaitanya. By the end of just 2 weeks my fellow students and I were already scheming plans for coming back and daydreaming about the other courses offered. I truly feel I have found a home for my continued yogic education, and I hope to be returning soon.”

Leo Turpan from New York City

“Phenomenal experience all around. Fantastic teachers, direct lineage, spiritual program, beautiful location, amazing food, great value. True study and practice of the 8 fold path of yoga. Walk away deeply relaxed and inspired. Colombia is awesome. I can’t recommend the Yogendra Ashram enough!”  – Crispin from Petaluma, CA

“Loving Service through Yoga…”