About the Bhakti Yoga School

The word “Bhakti” means devotion, divine love

The Bhakti Yoga School

The Bhakti Yoga School is directed by Chaitanya Nitai Das, a yogi, Vedic astrologer and student of the Vedic Culture. Chaitanya has been a pioneer of the Eco Truly Ashram in Lima, Peru and Director of Yoga Inbound Studio in Miami and Cusco. He is also the founder of two eco-yoga Ashrams, one in Cusco and one in Cali, Colombia. During his twenty two years of experience in the yoga path, he has lived in ashrams and assisted spiritual teachers who have given him the vision to develop a branch of Yoga Inbound as a way to help and serve humankind.

Our yoga school was born from the desire to help, inspire and educate those who have been called to this amazing and blissful career as a yoga teacher. Our school is here for those who wish to shift their yoga practice to another level and cultivate the skills and qualities that a true yoga instructor should have in order to help others in a professional way.

Our History

Bhakti Yoga School was originally The Inbound School of Yoga. The inspiration came from Yoga Inbound, founded by Atulananda Acharya Maharaj in India, as an Asana Yoga branch of the Vrinda Mission. In 2000, Chaitanya began studying Asthanga Yoga in Miami Beach with Reed Taylor – his friend and first Asthanga Yoga teacher. In 2004, Reed passed the ownership of the Its Yoga studio to Chaitanya and it grew to become Yoga Inbound Miami. After years of teaching in Miami, Chaitanya moved to Cusco, Peru were he started Yoga Inbound Cusco with Saranagati Devi Dasi, which years later has many centers and teachers around the world as part of the Bhakti Yoga School.

Since 2004, Chaitanya, along with other friends and teachers, have conducted more than 70 Yoga Teacher Trainings and certified more than 1,000 yoga students from all over the word. In 2019 Chaitanya, was inspired to change the name of the school, to focus more on the Bhakti Yoga aspect, of love and devotion!

The School

Who we are. Our History, Our Lineage.

Our Teachers

Meet the people who lovingly share our teachings and values around the world.

Our Philosophy

Beliefs, Values & Vision. The light that shines inside us is what we share to others.

Our Ashrams

Our Ashram in Cusco Perú

Enjoy our retreats in the Sacred Valley of Cusco

Our Ashram in Cali Colombia

Enjoy our Yogendra EcoAshram retreats

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